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Humerus Internal Fixation

The 3.5 mm LPS Proximal Humerus Plates are part of the Meril's Locking Plate System (LPS) and address complex fractures of the proximal humerus.


  1. Precontoured right and left plates for anatomical shape.

  2. Anatomically shaped.

  3. Suture holes around the perimeter of the proximal end.

  4. Anatomically precontoured, rounded shaft profile minimizes the risk of soft tissue irritation between the plate and surrounding soft tissue.

  5. Plate sits distal to the rotator cuff to reduce impingement.

  6. Plate sits slightly anterior to reduce deltoid impingement.

  7. Limited-contact underside minimizes plate-to-bone contact.

  8. Notches in the plate allow additional plate contouring. Specialized pliers allow for the adjustment of the S curve by bending in the hard plane.

  9. Meril's Combi holes technology allow placement of standard cortex and cancellous bone screws on one side or threaded conical locking screws on the opposite side of each hole.

  10. Plates feature a rounded profile and tapered tips.